Biomaterial Assessment Using Oxygen Imaging

Biomaterials that host live cells must overcome the crucial hurdle of sustaining sufficient oxygenation for cell survival. Several approaches for improving oxygenation within the biomaterials have been developed and investigated for improved cell survival in artificial tissue constructs. Regardless of the method of addressing the oxygen needs of the cells, all three-dimensional constructs require in situ pO2 assessment in vitro and in vivo to gauge the success of the approach. In addition, in vivo models can have very divergent results because of inherent variability between the animals, which demands a greater understanding for the breadth of variation in normal and diseased states.  O2M’s oxygen imaging technology can improve the outcome of cell and tissue engineering by providing real time in vitro and in vivo oxygen maps for improved therapy outcome.
O2M’s “Oxygen Measurement Core” partners with research labs to provide critical oxygenation and associated biological data to accelerate their development of better biomaterials, cell replacement devices, and tissue constructs. Recent publications from these partnerships have been published at Nature CommunicationsScience Advances, and Journal of Biomedical Materials Research.
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Biomaterial-Tissue Interaction
Thursday, April 28, 11:00am – 11:15am
In Vivo pO2 Assessment of Implantation Site: SubQ vs IP
Oral Presentation by CEO Dr. Mrignayani Kotecha

Biomaterials for Pancreatic Islet Replacement and Immune Tolerance in T1D
Saturday, April 30, 12:15-12:30pm
In Vivo pO2 Measurement of Islet Encapsulation Devices in Oxygen Measurement Core
Oral Presentation by CEO Dr. Mrignayani Kotecha

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