Oxygen Measurement Core

O2M’s “Oxygen Measurement Core” is a collaborative research facility. We collaborate with members from academia, industry, and government to perform preclinical research that involves in vitro and small animal in vivo oxygen imaging experiments. Our specific expertise is in Cancer, Type I Diabetes, Biomaterials, Tissue Grafts, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and expanding to other areas.

All experiments are performed using O2M’s preclinical oxygen imager, JIVA-25™, that can accommodate sample size up to 40 mm.

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Example Projects and Samples

Example Projects

  • In vitro longitudinal (hours/days) oxygen assessment of acellular and cell loaded biomaterials, tissue grafts, and cell encapsulation devices
  • In vivo small animal longitudinal (days/weeks/months) assessment of biomaterials, tissue grafts, and cell encapsulation devices
  • In vivo oxygen assessment of tumor growth and response to treatments


Oxygen diffusion in biomaterials: fresh vs. refrigerated gelatin (Scientific Reports, in press)


In vivo oxygen imaging of implanted OxySite device.

Example Samples

  • Biomaterials: Gelatin, Alginate, Agarose, Collagen, Chitosan, PLGA, and other combination experimental biomaterials
  • Cell encapsulation devices: flat sheet, oxygen generating, 3D printed vascular devices
  • Small animal tumor models

Key Publications

  • In Vivo pO2 pO2 Assessment in Subcutaneous and Intraperitoneal Sites Using Imaging of Solid Oxygen Probes

    Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods, 2022

  • Amniotic growth factors enhanced human pre-adipocyte cell viability and differentiation under hypoxia

    Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B, 2022

  • A Bioinspired Scaffold for Rapid Oxygenation of Cell Encapsulation

    Nature Communications, 2021

  • An Inverse-Breathing Encapsulation System for Cell Delivery

    Science Advances, 2021

For a full list of our publications, see our Publications page

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