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Introducing JIVA-25™ | The World’s First Dedicated Oxygen Imager

  • Fast and Precise

      • Absolute oxygen images with 1 mmHg oxygen resolution
      • 1-10 min imaging time
      • 0.5-1 mm spatial resolution
      • Sample size for volume coil up to 40 mm, for surface coil, up to 10 cm
      • pO2 maps as well as average pO2 over the sample volume

  • Registration Tools Available

  • Suitable for In Vitro and In Vivo (Small Animal) Measurements

  • Easy to Use Software Shell

  • Small Footprint

  • No Cooling or Cryogen Required

JIVA-25™ is a 25 mT dedicated preclinical oxygen imager based on electron paramagnetic resonance oxygen imaging (EPROI) techniques. JIVA-25™ provides pO2 maps in live tissues, in vitro, and in vivo with high spatial (0.5 mm), temporal (1-10 min), and pO2 (~1 torr) resolution. In contrast to the commonly used preclinical 9.4 T MRI instruments, JIVA-25™ relies on a 376 times smaller magnetic field generated by a permanent cryogen-free magnet and gradients that do not change during signal detection. JIVA-25™ measures the relaxation maps of a water-soluble oxygen-reporting trityl molecule (OX071, also known as OX063-D24) as a contrast agent that distributes in a body upon injection and converts them into oxygen images. 

JIVA-25™ is powered by user-friendly OxyVue software, which permits automatic tuning and power optimization, dip finding, obtaining amplitude and oxygen maps, along with average oxygen values using inversion recovery electron spin-echo (IRESE) technique with a click. In addition to oxygen maps, it provides region of interest (ROI) and whole volume statistics. Export to common formats are available for further analysis with other imaging modalities.

Resonators are special volumes where sample/animal is placed for measurements. Horizontal and vertical resonators are available for your specific needs.


Animal beds easily slide into the imaging area and can seat specimen in either prone or supine. A luer lock gas inflow allows anaesthia delivery.



EPR phantoms are ampules with a precise signal signature, used for calibration.


SMART Life Support System automatically regulates sample temperatures and provides clear respiratory monitoring while imaging.

Oxygen imaging using JIVA-25requires the contrast agent OX071. OX071 is water soluble and non-toxic. It's very high signal-to-noise ratio at physiologic conditions makes it the contrast of choice for in vitro and in vivo oxygen imaging experiments. It can also be used as a polarizing agent in 13C MRI. OX071 is manufactured by O2M Technologies and available for purchase as a powder or stock solution.


When the JIVA-25™ instrument arrived, we were impressed that we could start the instrument, quickly follow the instructions, easily tune and optimize the scan conditions, and acquire an image, all within the first hour of plugging in the instrument. “Plug and Play!”
- Marty Pagel, MD Anderson Cancer Center

The JIVA-25™ provided invaluable insight into our radiosensitizer study; our main endpoint was modifying tumor hypoxic fractions. We performed a comparison with oxygen-saturated hemoglobin measurements as the most widely available metric for approximating tumor hypoxia, and the EPR was the clear winner in predicting tumor responses both to the radiosensitizer and radiation therapy. 
-Ashlyn Rickard, Duke University
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