O2M’s Oxygen Measurement Core

O2M’s "Oxygen Measurement Core" is a contract research facility. It provides full cycle in vitro and small animal in vivo oxygen measurement services. All experiments are performed using O2M’s preclinical oxygen imager, JIVA-25™ that can accommodate sample size up to 40 mm. O2M can carry research projects to its full  experiment cycle, from sample preparation and cell seeding to in vitro and small animal in vivo oxygen imaging along with biologic assays and histology assessments, and provide publication quality data/images, and support your submission to peer reviewed journals leading up to publication of the work. The current projects are in the field of tissue engineering regenerative medicine, cancer, and type I diabetes, and we are interested in other areas where oxygen measurements could provide useful insights in biology, metabolism, drug, and therapy development.

Example projects:

  1. In vitro longitudinal (hours/days) oxygen assessment of acellular and cell loaded biomaterials, tissue grafts, and cell encapsulation devices
  2. In vivo small animal  longitudinal (days/weeks/months) assessment of biomaterials, tissue grafts, and cell encapsulation devices
  3. In vivo oxygen assessment of tumor growth and response to treatments
  4. Development of efficient oxygen guided tumor therapies

Example samples:

  1. Biomaterials: Gelatin, Alginate, Agarose, Collagen, Chitosan, PLGA, and other combination experimental biomaterials
  2. Cell encapsulation devices: flat sheet, oxygen generating,3D printed vascular devices
  3. Small animal tumor models

O2M’s clients are academic institutions, research foundations, and industry partners.

Reach out to us to discuss your research project!

Oxygen diffusion in biomaterials: fresh vs refrigerated gelatin
Oxygen diffusion in biomaterials: fresh vs refrigerated gelatin

See our recent publication featuring data from O2M's Oxygen Measurement Core: https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/7/20/eabd5835


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